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23Zero Armadillo X2 Slim Side Open Hardshell RTT

by 23Zero
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Pre-Order Now Available!  Contact us at the store!  ETA Late June 2024

The Armadillo X2 Slim is a quick-setup side open hardshell RTT with LST fabric, plush mattress and a stargazing window for comfy, off-grid adventures.

Embark on your next adventure with the Armadillo X2 Slim, a lite and sleek side open hardshell RTT crafted from one-piece molded ABS. This versatile design can be mounted on either side of your vehicle, offering unparalleled flexibility in setup. The X2 Slim is the perfect blend of luxury and durability, featuring a spacious full-size bed (52” W x 76” L) that brings the comfort of home to the wilderness.

Constructed for enduring toughness, the Armadillo X2 Slim’s hardtop boasts an automotive-grade insulated headliner that protects against the elements, while its innovative raised X-frame design ensures rapid setup and takedown. Outfitted with 23Zero’s ECO13B fabric and Light Suppression Technology (LST), the tent maintains a cooler, darker interior for extended morning rest.

Inside, enjoy the plush 2” rebound foam mattress and adjustable dual 40” USB LED light strips that enhance your environment, day or night. The unique transparent stargazer sunroof invites you to sleep comfortably under the stars, while the insulated headliner enhances climate control and condensation management. The Armadillo X2 Slim isn’t just a tent—it’s your passport to discovering the great outdoors in style, comfort, and convenience.

  • Quick Setup: Effortlessly deploy your tent with a gas-strut-assisted X-frame, designed for rapid setup and breakdown—ideal after a long day of exploration.
  • Streamlined Travel: Its lightweight and aerodynamic build minimizes wind resistance and noise, enhancing your travel experience.
  • Flexible Side Opening: Mounts on either side of your vehicle, easily adaptable to change the opening direction according to your setup needs.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Sleep soundly on a 2” rebound foam mattress, topped with a plush layer for firm support and quick recovery to its original shape.
  • Generous Storage Space: Features ample internal storage (12” W x 56” L x 12” H) for bedding and gear, accessible via the rear window, simplifying your camping setup. Also includes two side gear storage bags each containing two 10” x 7” pockets.
  • Superior Light Suppression: The Armadillo X2 Slim Side Open Hardshell RTT has 23Zero’s LST fabric. This tent offers UV protection and a polyurethane coating to maintain a cooler, darker environment for enhanced sleep quality.
  • Efficient Lighting: Two 40” USB LED light strips provide safe, ample lighting for night-time activities and easy tent navigation.
  • Stargazer Sunroof: Enjoy the stars or daylight through a transparent TPU window, blending protection with outdoor immersion.
  • Advanced Insulation: The automotive-grade headliner improves climate control and minimizes condensation, ensuring a comfortable, dry interior.
  • Durable and Weather-Resistant: The sleek, black high-gloss ABS shell is moisture-wicking and stands up against rain, snow, and dust.

Mounting Kit Includes:

  • Four (4) mounting plates with 3M rubberized adhesive strips
  • Eight (8) sliding mounting plate sets (plate, bolt, nylock nut)
  • 13mm ratcheting box wrench
  • Two (2) LED lights with USB cables
  • Two (2) boot bags with one main, two large, and two small pockets (13” W x 15.5” L)
  • Two (2) 1.5” L x 0.3126” diameter pins
  • One (1) 2.25” L x 0.1875” diameter pin

Also Included:

  • Ladder with bag and two (2) locking pins (2” L x 0.3126” diameter)
  • Deployment staff (folded 31” L, extended 56”) with two 2.25” L x 0.1875” diameter pins. Staff is included but not required for operation.
  • Four (4) rain fly poles (31.5” L) with their storage bag
  • Preinstalled: Four (4) latches with two 1.5” L x 0.3126” diameter pins, two (2) ladder hooks, mesh storage net (49” W x 8.75” L)

Before you install a side open hardshell RTT, it’s critical to understand these key points: 

  • Verify your vehicle’s maximum roof load capacity as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Consult with the rack manufacturer or retailer to check the load limit of your roof rack or truck bed rack, especially for off-road use. 
  • Understand that the maximum allowable weight you can safely add to your vehicle’s roof or cargo area may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as any aftermarket additions such as roof racks or bars.

Mounting Footprint:
53” W x 66” L x 11” H (includes mounting rails)

Mounting Weight: 168 lb

Sleeping Footprint:
52” W x 76” L

Internal Dimensions:
52” W x 76” L x 42” H

Sleeps: 2 Adults

Seasons: 4 seasons