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Ram 2500/3500 2009-Present 4th & 5th Gen. Crew Cab - Second Row Seat Delete Plate System


Ram 2500 and 3500 Truck Crew Cab Second Row Seat Delete is available for 2009-2018 Ram trucks. We have confirmed the fitment in the Crew Cab 2500 and the 3500 series only at this time.

There are two known options, the first is for the Limited Model trucks and the second is the non limited trucks which is shown below.

Ram 2500-3500 Non Limited Rear AC Vents

Another option for the 60% side is a factory subwoofer compatible version with slots for the subwoofer. The second option for this area is an access door to make use of the space below if you do not have or plan to remove the factory subwoofer.

Subwoofer Cutouts

The 40% side is the same for either the Limited or non Limited models.

Both the 40% and 60% include a back wall panel as well.


60% Plate Measures Approx 38-5/8"W x 42"L
60% Back Wall Measures Approx 39-1/8"W at the base and 37-5/16"W at the top x 25-1/8"H

40% Plate Measures Approx 23-1/4"W x 42"L
40% Back Wall Measures Approx 23"W at the base and 21-1/4"W at the top x 25-1/8"H


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