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Porsche Cayenne 2011-2017 2nd Gen. - Rear Plate System


The Porsche Cayenne Rear Plate System is 100% bolt in and does not require drilling.

This plate is available in two options:

Option 1: Standard Access Door Placement version. This plate is designed to be installed with the factory carpet removed. This version has two access doors on either side of the plate, designed for non-DEF fluid Diesel vehicles and allows access to the storage below the plate even if you were to add a single drawer or an IceBox module.

Option 2: Three Door Access plate for DEF Diesel equipped vehicles. This plate is designed to be installed with the factory carpet being removed, giving you three doors to access the storage space below the carpet and around the spare tire storage. This is also a must for diesel powered Cayenne's as you will need access to add Blue DEF fluid.

By adding the Goose Gear Plate System™  you will now have the ability to easily and quickly add or remove various Goose Gear Modules. Including the IceBox Modules and drawer modules.


  • Dimensions: 42" wide x 38" long at longest point
  • Weight: 26-28 pounds

Additionally, you can add second row delete plates as well and create a much larger storage space as well as a sleeping platform or a place to keep your surfboards inside the vehicle for safe keeping.

Porsched Cayenne - VW Touareg Second Row Delete System

You can also use the Goose Gear Plate as a base to mount or to secure your own fridge slide, cooler or refrigerator. There are also pre-installed anchor points which you can use to add Goose Gear Anchor Packs to utilize straps to secure your personal cargo.