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Logic Overland Coffee Beans - Wise Willie


100% Arabica beans, sourced from the highest altitude growing regions of South America. This medium roast blend has a hint of buttery pecan flavor with notes of bourbon.

Each character has a story to tell:

The year was 1856. William P. Sutter was a weathered man. His hands dry and cracked from the sun like the ground he stood on. His white shirt was the color of tea, and his eyes were as blue as the sky. He lived and breathed the outdoors. He had to, really. He was a prospector for many many years which inspired his furrowed brow. William, or Willie as people would call him, could be described as the "OG" overlander. He traveled across the states by horseback, and carried everything he needed on his saddle bags. After prospecting and being quite lucky in his findings, Willie decided to hang up his prospecting hat for good and go down south to Texas. He settled in what is known now as the grasslands of Wise County. The people in Decatur gave him the nick name "Wise Willie", because he had seen and learned so many things from his travels. His sage advice wasn’t always the most pleasant, but they could always trust his words. Wise Willie quickly grew fond of the towns people and decided to bury his gold so they could go and have some of their own adventures. Legend has it, if you do some digging around your camp site, you may find some of Wise Willie’s gold.