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Fleet Flatbed Camper


Here are the basic Fleet Flatbed Model specifications. Please click the Specification Link below to view a camper specifications sheet, or click the "Build & Price" button to see available options, additional pricing, and camper weights.

Camper Framing Welded Aluminum
Camper Roof One Piece Aluminum
Camper Siding Aluminum
Adult Sleeping 3
Main Bed (High) 72" X 80"
If appicable - Lower bed from seat conversion 31" X 77"
Upholstery & Collapsable Siding Cut, Sewn, and finished at FWC factory
Base Model Dry Weight (Approx) 1,300lbs
Height Down (includes vent & rack) 56"
Height Up (includes vent & rack) 87"
Interior Height Up 6' 4"
Roof Length 150"
Floor Length 80"
Body Width 76"
Fresh Water Capacity 20 Gallons