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Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Roof Top Tent

by Alu-Cab
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We are excited to announce to all of you the Alu-Cab Expedition Gen3.1 roof top tent. The team at Alu-Cab have gone through the Gen3 from top to bottom and packed this proven tent with a long list of upgrades. Our goal is to retain current pricing and dealer cost despite all the upgrades and make the 3.1 extremely competitive in the aluminum roof top tent market.

Exclusive Alu-Cab Telescoping Ladder

Gen 3.1 Ladder
  This is hands down the most asked for upgrade and rather than just taking an off-the shelf unit, the Alu-Cab team had one specifically built with the same angled and oversized step pads as the current ladder. Finished in black and orange livery and includes an Alu-Cab built ladder bag like previous generations.

Roll Up Rear Rain Cover

Gen 3.1 Rear Rollup Rain Cover
  The rear rain cover or vestibule now has zippers built in which allows it to be rolled up and stored when not needed. Great to view the stars when the weather is clear or for less noise when winds are high.
Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Stainless Spring Pole Tabs
Another notable upgrade to the rear rain cover is new laser cut stainless steel spring pole tabs for increased longevity and a cleaner look.

Standard Roll Up Side Rain Cover

Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Side Rollup Rain Fly
  The side roll up rain cover is now included with all Gen3.1 and can be installed to either side of the tent. This side rain cover can be rolled up and stored like the new rear rain cover and deployed in seconds when needed.


Single Zip Opening Doors

Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Single Zip Windows
  This new design moves the screen mesh zipper from the tent canvas to the canvas of the roll down door. This allows you to enter the tent while no longer having to open and close the zipper for the screen mesh layer. The screen mesh zipper now on the door can be opened just like before when desired.

Canvas Air Vent

Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Air Vent
 There is now a screened vent built into the canvas to allow airflow to reduce condensation, eliminating the need to have windows “cracked” during colder nights.

3D Breathable Mattress Mesh

Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Anti Condensation Mat
 To further combat condensation there is now a standard 3D breathable mesh installed between the closed cell foam and mattress. Promoting airflow and creating an airgap these mesh sheets not only help keep the mattress dry but add an extra bit of comfort to the mattress.

Full Length Cargo Rails

Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Extended Roof Rails
  Mirroring the functionality of the Canopy Camper roofs, the Gen3.1 now has cargo rails extending the complete length of the roof panel. This allows heavier accessories to be placed further forward on the tent for easier opening and closing.


Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Expedition Rooftop Tent Additional Features

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Built-in cargo rails for the fitment of optional load bars
  • Hard-shell structure that can carry additional gear – solar panels, kayak, mountain bikes or camping table
  • Streamlined aerodynamic profile
  • 3-point access with a door / window on each side
  • Gas-strut assisted pop-up design
  • Opens and closes in seconds so you can still go on that late-afternoon game drive
  • 75 mm high-density foam mattress with zip-off cover
  • Quick release ladder that stows inside your tent when closed
  • Storage pockets
  • Internal USB power points
  • Internal 12V plug point
  • Internal lighting
  • Rear door awning to keep the entrance dry
  • Dual-layer canvas for better insulation and protection
  • Wind resistant design thanks to single-sided opening
  • Top and bottom foam insulation for class leading insulation


Length: External 2300 mm / internal 2100 mm
Width: External 1 400 mm / internal 1300 mm (@ shoulders)
Height: (exterior, closed): Front 210 mm / Rear 280 mm
Height: (exterior, open): 2000 mm
Height: (interior, open): 1600 mm
Weight: Approximately 88kg