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Lexus GX460 Dashboard Accessory Mount / Configuration A by Expedition Essentials

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Introducing the new GXTM GX Track Mount for the Lexus GX460 line of vehicles.

The GXTM is a low profile base mounting system that is designed to securely mount electronic devices such as phones tablets or GPS units.

The GXTM is designed around and includes a 9" RAMMOUNTS Tough Track, the tough track rail is a versatile component of the mount and allows for limitless adjustability for mounted components. 

As a first for us at Expedition Essentials we are offering the GXTM in two configurations.

Configuration A - Will be the base mount alone: with the 9" tough track and mounting hardware.

This configuration allows for an easy and less intrusive installation using only the recess pocket to the sides and above the radio using 4 flathead self tapping screws. 

This configuration will be only for those wishing to mount only small devices such as phones, not requiring the additional strength provided by Configuration B.

The GXTM is a semi technical install on the easy to moderate level, it requires drilling through plastic trim for install as our mounts are designed for strength and longevity.