Front Runner Solar Shower with Temp Gauge

A solar shower that consists of a heat insulating water bladder, hose, shower head and temperature gauge. Attached to a Roof Rack Shower Arm, this solar shower keeps even the most rugged outdoor adventurers in sanitary condition.

  • Holds up to 20L (5 Gal.) of water for a convenient hot shower anywhere.
  • Heat-absorbing design uses “Smart PVC” material to efficiently absorb solar energy to heat water inside the bag up to 113°F (45°C) in 3 hours with direct sunlight.
  • Constructed with environmentally-friendly materials.
  • Multi-layer bag design for durable leak protection.
  • Large shower head offers allow variable water flow and seals tightly when turned OFF.
  • Keep track of your preferred water heat using the built in temperature gauge. Temperature indication given in both °C and °F.
  • Leave it out on your rack where it can get full exposure to the sun and you have water hot enough to shower with.
  • Durable hanging/carry strap with side-release buckle and rubber handle allows easy mounting to Rack Mount Shower Arm, a tree branch, or wherever!
  • Velcro tabs on shower bag holds the shower hose when not in use.