GroundGrabba Lite 2 Pack

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For securing tents, tarps, canopies, or other outdoor shelters and structures in common sand, firm sand and loose soft grounds.


  • Peg-stake flights tear into sand for an ultimate grip
  • Drill action operates smoothly for simple, biting insertion
  • Lightening-fast setup keeps you doing more of the fun things
  • Perfect addition to your camping equipment arsenal



  • Glass-reinforced nylon
  • 15  3/4″ length
  • Almost 3″ max width hook to hex collar
  • 57/64 max flight (spiral) width
  • 19/32 max shaft thickness
  • 3/4″ hex head
  • 15/32 hex depth
  • 7/16 x 35/64 hook thickness
  • 53/64 hook inner diameter
  • 6 ounces
  • choice of white or orange

Weight: 0.5 lbs per item
Dimensions: 15.75 × 4 × 4 in

Additional Information

GroundGrabba Lite screws into the sand or loose soft ground using a good quality cordless drill (18V minimum with at least 45 ft lb of torque) or by hand, providing a swift, safe and secure setup along the beach or in dunes.

Made of the toughest glass reinforced nylon to give you the toughest, lightest composite material, the GroundGrabba Lite is the Recreational-Grade tent peg-stake you need to enhance your beach and sand dune camping experience.

Please Note: GroundGrabba Lite is designed and intended for use in soft and loose grounds where your average peg just won’t hold. Never use with ratchet or impact type drills or will void warranty.

Check out GroundGrabba Pro for extreme pro screw-in sand earth ground stake anchoring.

All our GroundGrabba screw-in Pegs have a 3/4″ Hex head for easy adapting for your cordless drill.


⚠ Caution: Misuse or abuse of GroundGrabbas can lead to injury or worse to the user or bystanders.  Not to be used with mains powered drills.  When using Battery drills please refer to the drill manufacturers warnings and safety instructions prior to use with GroundGrabba products. Only use GroundGrabbas for their intended purpose of ground anchoring things such as tents and shade canopies. ❌ Do not use in grounds where there are underground services such as but not limited to: electricity, phone, data, water.  ❌ Do not use GroundGrabba Lites for any other purpose other than ground anchoring in soft loose and sandy grounds.  Always hold your drill firmly with both hands and use the inside of your legs as a drill guide with the drill handle in between your legs to help prevent torque twisting wrist or other injury. Always start your drill on the lowest torque setting.Use a good quality high torque drill never use an impact wrench with GroundGrabba Lites (SR14). Never use in hard or extremely hard grounds. Use the correct GroundGrabba for the job.  ❌ Not for; timber, concrete, rock, bitumen, hot mix, tiles , hard, dense, stony , general or rocky grounds.


The GroundGrabba Lite comes with a 12 month manufacturers defect replacement warranty.