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Hard Korr U-Lite Rechargeable LED

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**Rechargeable Lithium Ion Version**

Our new version of the U-Lite is not only rechargeable, and comes with it's own USB charge cable, but has the added feature of having 3 brightness settings on white. It also boasts a 90 hour run time on the dim setting.

It's like a little light up Easter Egg, but better. This little guy will strap to your awning pole, the inside of your tent, or using the magnetic back you can stick it to the metal surfaces of your car. We use them for both camping and in the shop when we need to do work in those small, dumb spaces of camper vans and Overland rigs. Dig it. 

From the manufacturer: 

Is it a workshop light? A breakdown light? Is it a camping light? Or an emergency light?

In fact it’s all of these, and more.The Hard Korr U-Lite™ is the most versatile light ever made. It weighs only 85g, but pumps out up to an amazing 100 lumens of light. With both an inbuilt magnet and durable elastic strap, the U-Lite can attach to wheel wells, under bonnets, tool or tackle boxes, tent poles, caravans, awnings, camper trailers, fences and many more places. It also comes with the same bug-reducing orange/white technology that has made our camp light kits so famous. Keep one in your car, your tackle box, your garage, with your camping gear, even in your kitchen.


  • 100 lumens light output

  • Solid battery life (4-6 hours on high / 80-90 hours on low)

  • Switchable orange and white light

  • IP66 waterproof

  • Inbuilt magnet and strong, long lasting elastic band

  • High-quality materials and sturdy construction

  • Backed by Hard Korr®’s 2-year USA warranty