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Shop Black Friday Deals Online!! Store is Closed Until 11/28

Hitch Tent Rack System

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Please note the price of this item is the Rack only, you will need to ADD the tent. Hitch Tent is a hitch-mounted platform designed to boost the convenience, versatility, and comfort of a roof top tent system. Remaining vertical during transport, Hitch Tent is quickly and easily deployed on almost any terrain thanks to the four fully adjustable legs and feet.

The rear-mounted design frees up valuable roof space, dramatically reduces wind resistance and most importantly; provides a detachable base camp for unrestricted adventure.

Also included in the hitch tent rack system is the Silent Hitch Pin® which removes shock loads by taking the movement out of the connection between the vehicle towing system and the device being towed. The result is quiet and stable, motionless towing.

Hitch Tent Construction:

Hitch Tent is made proudly in the USA and designed for the most brutal Overland conditions, Hitch Tent is fabricated from ultra-tough,  hot rolled A36 steel and CNC machined 6061 Aluminum. Hitch Tent will accommodate most two and three-person canvas-style rooftop tents, and mounts seamlessly to a 2” hitch.

Anodizing Color Options:

The anodizing color selections are applied only to the machined components. This includes the central brackets, the hinged brackets connected to the legs and the feet. The legs and horizontal rails cannot be anodized at this time.

Hardcoat Anodizing is an upgrade to the basic option. Available only in black or gray, Hardcoat anodizing provides a much more resilient coat to the anodized parts. This helps prevent scratches and damage to the machined components.