P3 Solar 200 Watt Charge Kit

Category: 200 watt, 200w, p3, solar, solar panel

Type: Solar

The P3Solar 200W Solar Charging Kit is designed to be a plug-n-play solution for solar charging 12V or 24V batteries. The 200W rollable solar panel is lightweight, 7.0 lbs, and flexible for deployment on tents, awnings, trailers, and the ground. The product is easy to store rolling to a 5” diameter inside a tube.

Deployed, mm: 889 x 1956 x 1.0
Deployed, inches: 38.625 x 77.75 x 0.04
Rolled, mm: 127 Dia x 981
Rolled, inches: 5 Dia x 38.625
Weight: kg (Ib) 3.18 (7.0 )
Max Output: 200 watt (38v at 5200mA)

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