Powerwerx PanelPlateSB2 for Anderson SB50 Series Connectors with One Panel Mount 1-1/8" Hole

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Anderson Power SB50 Series Connector flush mounting to your dashboard, panel or chassis. Ideal for fixed mounted application for Anderson Power SB50 series connectors with one standard 1-1/8" panel mounting hole. Includes (1) Gray SB50 housing, (2) #8 gauge contacts, mounting plate and hardware. Can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position.

  • Compatibility: Mounting Plate designed for Anderson Power SB50 Series connector & One Standard 1-1/8" Panel Mount Hole
  • Maximum Voltage 600V AC or DC (for SB50 connector)
  • Maximum Amperage Up to 120A maximum, 50A continuous (for SB50 connector)
  • Rear Housing Depth 1-3/4" (not including wiring)
  • Includes: (1) Black Mounting Plate, (1) Anderson SB50 Gray Housing, (2) #8 gauge contacts and (2) SB50 mounting bolts, nuts and lock washers.
  • Customers may purchase alternate colored SB50 housings and change connector colors as well as different contacts sizes as needed.
  • Optional: Purchased separately (1) 1-1/8" panel mount products, PLUG-SB50 Rigid Protective Plug/Cover with Lanyard.