SnoMaster Fridge TR42P

Traveller Series BD/C-42

The traveller Range was designed for the individuals that are looking for a smaller unit that can be used for shorter Trips with less fair to keep cool. The unit is more compact and can fit into the trunk or backseat. Also ideal for a second Fridge/Freezer for gatherings or family outings.

Size: 14.33 x 26.78 x 20.28" 364 x 680 x 515mm
Capacity: 42 Liter
Weight: 52.9 Lbs
Single Compartment AC-DC 12/24 DC 110/220 AC
Fridge or Freezer
Lid Open Alarm
Plug in Remote Monitor included
Transit Bag Included
55mm Polyurethane Insulation
Powder Coated finish, Stainless Steel, hinges, latches
Removable Lid
Snomaster 66 watt compressor
5 Amps on High Speed, 2.5 Amps on Low Speed at 12v DC
Voltage Cut Out can set at 10 10.8v 11.8 DC
AC and DC can be wired simultaneously for backup
5 Year Warranty
Free Bottle Opener

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