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Wavian Long Nose Flexible Pouring Spout Red

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This long, flexible fuel pouring spout is for the old school look and feel. Its bayonet closure is compatible with the Wavian Jerry CanThe nozzle is an accessory only, sold separately from the fuel can. 

  • End nozzle is shaped specifically for just about any tank
  • The black nozzle has a 1" diameter opening and the Red and OD have a 3/4" opening
  • Optimum flow is assured when using our spouts with our cans
  • Special breathing channel provides steady, glug-free, pouring
  • Each spout has an internal filter to protect the charging tank from dirt and foreign bodies
  • Suitable for 5L, 10L, and 20L Wavian Jerry Cans.
  • Extra-long 14" "Goose-Neck" spout gives additional reach and flexibility.