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CampKitchen 2.4 - 31.5" Deep Module

Color: Black

The Goose Gear CampKitchen2.4 is the largest of our CampKitchens designed to house your fridge and your stove in one convenient Module. Featuring a double slide operation, you can open the fridge and/or the stove slide independently or combined.

CampKitchen 2.4 Specifications: 

  • Exterior  Dimensions: 22-3/16" W x 29" H x 31-1/2" D
  • Weight: 89lbs (excluding fridge and stove) 

Tray Sizes: 

  • Refrigerator Tray: 18"W x 22"h x 29-1/2"d 
  • Stove Tray: 22"W x 4"H x 12"D

Stove and Fridge NOT Included