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TOO Load Equalizing Bridle


A Treaty Oak Offroad load equalizing bridle is an essential part of your kit. Used to share the load across both frame rails, these reduce the potential for damage when making a pull.

Our bridle is made of 3/8", US sourced Cortland Plasma 12 strand, and spliced at our ISO9001:2008 manufacturing facility in Houston Texas. We coat the main body of the rope in fiberlock for the ultimate in protection, and the eyes dipped in a rubberized coating for maximum durability. As with all Treaty Oak Offroad equipment, we then tag each bridle with a size, weight rating, and serial number.

Working load 3,500 lbs
Tensile strength 17,500 lbs

Made to order in Houston Texas

Due to liability, Treaty Oak Offroad load bearing equipment may not be returned.