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Tembo Tusk SUPER Jumbo Front Pull Fridge Slide


Our Extreme Duty SUPER Jumbo Flat Slides, is made to accommodate fridges 95 liters and above.  Our slides use top of line heavy duty Accuride locking and non-locking slide tracks. These are the toughest, most rugged refrigerator/cargo slides made. And, they are made in the USA.

Outside dimensions:  24.5" wide x 38.75" deep    (Foot print of slide)

Inside pan size: 22 5/8" wide x 38 3/8" deep    (Area where the fridge or cargo will fit.)

The fridge pan will put the fridge 1" above the bolt down location. 

See FAQs for additional fridge and slide clearances.

Cutting Board is optional, 12 x 18 inches.  Fridge will sit 2.5 inches above the bolt down location.

The Super Jumbo slides will accommodate fridges 95 to 110 liters 

Example Fridge:  SnoMaster SMDZ-LP96D  92.5ltr


 Don't forget to order Tembo Fridge Straps  to hold down the fridge to the slide.


( Fridge in images is for display only.  Fridge is not included in the purchase.)