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Indeflate is a device used to rapidly INflate and DEflate two tires at once with ease. Proudly made in South Africa, Indeflate is mil-spec anodized and constructed from CNC-machined aluminum. Simply slide the patented dump valve to deflate your tires, and keep an eye on 100 PSI gauge. Indeflate equalizes the pressures of the connected tires, and makes quick work of INflating them back to standard pressures.

Indeflate is Warrantied against faults in materials and workmanship for one-year from date of purchase.

Stop kneeling in the dirt while fiddling with stressful and inconsistent air down tools, stand up and INDEFLATE!


  • Deflates 2 tires simultaneously and rapidly using our patented pressure release technology.
  • Inflates 2 tires simultaneously from your air source.
  • Automatically equalizes the pressure of both connected tires.
  • Has a 100 PSI gauge for convenient monitoring whilst inflating or deflating.
  • Inflate tires from your spare wheel in an emergency.
  • Precision engineered aluminum body makes it highly durable.


  • One Indeflate unit
  • One Indeflate-branded heavy-duty canvas bag
  • One hook designed to hang your Indeflate from a bumper or vehicle

As an option, we have an additional Quick Coupler, consisting of an o-ring sealed European-style clip-on air chuck combined with a 3/8 NPT adapter that works in conjunction with your existing air system. 


Here is a review that Ronny Dahl from his youtube channel. It also will give you an idea on how to use the IndeFlate.