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We are still working to get all the campers loaded on our website. Please contact us at 817-330-4466 or to check availablity or to customize. Your Four Wheel Camper!

Custom Built Pop-Up Campers

Four Wheel Campers, LLC provides access to a wide range of customizable pop-up campers for your truck. Our truck campers are designed to go with you anywhere since they fit into the truck’s bed. Whether you want to go offroading or camping or you don’t want to worry about the added costs of staying in a hotel, our pop-up campers are the perfect solution.

Pop-Up Truck Camper Models

Four Wheel Campers has three different pop-up camper models to choose from:

  • Slide-In Truck Camper – This camper slides into the truck’s bed. With this model, you need to remove the rear tailgate from the truck.
  • Flatbed Truck Camper – Our flatbed camper is designed for trucks that have a flatbed instead of a bed with rails and a tailgate. The camper is secured to the base of the flatbed.
  • Topper Truck Camper – One of our newest models, the Project M pop-up camper bolts to the bed rails and does not require removing the tailgate from the truck.

Each of our camper models is built using high-quality materials to provide years of enjoyment. You can build your camper based on the type of truck you own and choose the features and options you desire.

Pop-Up Campers with Endless Customizations

We offer fully customized pop-up campers where you can include a mini kitchen with a sink, stove, and fridge; a furnace, cabover bed, and roll-over coach; LED lighting, side vents, a solar panel, recharging battery, and more. If you just want a basic camper that you want to DIY yourself, we can build you one.

Essentially, we give you the freedom to design and build your own pop-up camper to fit your specific needs. To find the perfect camper for your truck, continue exploring our website further. Do not hesitate to contact Four Wheel Campers, Inc. if you have any questions or need further assistance.