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Decked D-Co Case Sixer in Black

by Decked
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The Sixer 16 is the perfectly sized tacklebox, lunchbox, mini-toolbox, or bug-out kit. Built with high-impact polymer construction, this case is weatherproof, dustproof, stackable, portable, and built for abuse.


Feel that satisfying “schlunk!” when you close it. H2Zero gaskets ensure total waterproofing, giving you peace of mind no matter where you take ‘em.


Darned near hermetically sealed against dust intrusion. Air pressure balanced with Gore Vents.


Impact resistant mineral reinforced polymer construction. Tough enough to drive a truck over.


Tetris, not Jenga. Interlocking, modular, stackable, We call it Stable Stack. You’ll call it “hell yeah”.


Designed to be easily opened with one hand tied behind your back (unless you only have one arm). You can even open them in the drawer. Just slam it closed and the latches engage, easy as that.


We obsess over ergonomics so we made these the most portable Cases on the market. Great handles that fit to your hand no matter the load.