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Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit & Heat Shield Combo

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If you're searching for Minimal Impact or Leave No Trace Fires, look no further. The Pop-Up Pit with the added heat shield allows for fires on any surface without worry. Our patented heat shield keeps heat from transferring to the ground so you can have worry-free fires on grass or wood decks without ever damaging the surface.

PACKED DIMS --27" X 5" X 5"

OPENED DIMS --24" X 24" X 15"



(1) By allowing cold air to flow in from underneath your fire, your fuel is going to burn hotter, brighter, and more efficiently. These high efficiency burns get the most out of your logs and leave you with a fine powder instead of chunks of charcoal. This airflow also acts to keep the fire pit relatively cool, allowing it to cool down in 90 seconds after you've extinguished your fire.

(2) By burning our fires hotter and more efficiently the Pop-Up Pit burns with about 80% less smoke when compared to traditional campfires. Gone are the days of bouncing around the fire avoiding smoke!