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Ineos Grenadier 2024-Present 1st Gen - Second Row Seat Delete Plate System


Add the Ineos Grenadier Second Row Seat Delete Plate System™ for the perfect space to mounting Goose Gear Modules or your own storage system and accessories. This version of the second row delete is a 100% second row delete plate and requires the complete removal of the second row seat, seat frame and the plastic trim panels surrounding the electrical components that are located under the factory seat. We have added large hatches to allow access to all of the electrical components and batteries without having to remove the second row seat delete. This product is designed to attach to the rear of the Goose Gear Rear Plate System and to utilize it as the secure mounting points creating a uniform and continuously flat surface from the back of the front seats to the rear of the vehicle.

This product does not require drilling or cutting of the vehicle in any way.

Usable Space varies in width and is approximately 41-3/4" (1055mm) to 54-1/4" (1380mm) Wide X 31-3/8" (795mm) Long

Plate Weight is approximately 44 pounds (20 kilograms)

Factory rear seat and all components weigh that you will remove weigh 124 pounds (56 kilograms), when adding the Goose Gear rear plate and the seat delete you will save 58 pounds (26 kilograms)

Future options will include additional raised platforms that will integrate with 10" (255mm) tall drawer modules as well as the upcoming Venture Series Pop Top Interior system deigned to work with roof conversions made by Alu-Cab and others.