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Mid Height PAK System Bed Rack by Sherpa


Durable, adaptable, and crafted for adventure, this mid-height PAK System Bed Rack is built with heavy-duty, precision cut, aluminum construction, and stainless steel hardware. It is lightweight and easily outfitted transforming the capabilities of your pickup truck. Whether you are off-roading, overlanding, or running errands around town, this bed rack is built to handle your gear so you can Adventure with Confidence.


WEIGHT: ~ 45 lbs. - 55 lbs.

CROSSBARS: 2x 55" (Mid Size) | 2x 60" (Full Size)

DIMENSIONS: 55-60" W x 13" T

LOAD RATING: 400lbs Dynamic | 1000lbs Static


WARRANTY: Lifetime


The Bed Rack, Elevated.

4 YEARS and 100,000+ miles in the making.

Sherpa has built its name on high quality products that customers know will stand the test of time regardless of what they are put through. When looking at the bedrack market we knew there was room for improvement. Four years and 100,000 miles of brutal testing later, the PAK System was born. Paying homage to the Sherpas of Nepal, we wanted to provide our customers with a PAK that they too could trust to carry the burden. We have built one of the toughest bed racks on the market and paired it with unmatched adaptability.

Manufactured in Colorado with precision laser cut 1/4" aluminum towers formed with CNC accuracy by our team of professionals. We have created a very stout mounting structure, secured with stainless steel hardware and nylock nuts that will keep you gear where you need it. 

We know the importance of mounting all of your goodies on your rig. With the PAK System, you have the ability to mount just about anything, anywhere. With slots and holes all over, and our line of PAK accessories, you’ll never find yourself wishing you could mount something.

Strength is built into our brand and the PAK System is no slouch in that department. Using the best in materials and hardware, you can beat on this system every weekend and trust it to show up to work on Monday. All backed by our Lifetime Warranty, just incase you get a little too western.

Mid Height


Designed to keep your gear low and tucked away on the trail.
Features (2) Standard Accessory Braces.
Exposed Rock Light Mounting Points.