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Powerwerx Panel Mount Combination USB QC3.0 and USB Type-C QC4.0 75W Fast Device Charge

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High output combination USB QC3.0 and USB Type-C QC4.0 charger. Powerful USB Type-C is capable of 60W output with any DC input of 9-24V DC. Combined output of 78W total. Includes multiple fast charging protocols for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Fits standard 1-1/8" diameter hole.

Connects to any 12/24V DC input source via rear mounted F2 faston tab (blade type) connections. Ideal for all vehicles including: cars, buses, emergency vehicles, Sprinter Vans, RV's and Overland applications. Compatible with most mobile devices including Apple and Android products.

Stealthy Covert Appearance

All black body with soft white illuminated LED lights for OEM installations that demand a clean and modern look

High Output USB Type-C

The QC4.0 USB Type-C is capable of high output wattages for charging smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. Higher input voltages allow the USB Type-C to output upwards of 60W.

Multiple Fast Charging Protocols

Combination USB QC3.0 and USB Type-C QC4.0 fast device charger with support for multiple fast charging protocols including: Qualcomm QC4.0, Qualcomm QC3.0, Qualcomm QC2.0, Apple 2.4A, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC), Huawei Fast Charging Protocol (FCP), Huawei SuperCharge Protocol (SCP), and PD3.0 PPS (27W/36W/48W/60W).

Heavy Duty Protective Cover

The included weather tight protective cover seals the USB's when not in use. Heavy duty environmental protective cover has a double seal to keep out unwanted moisture and debris. Raised texture grip enables easy removal of the cover.

Tech Specs

Operating Voltage 9-32V DC
Type-C USB PD3.0 Output 60W Max (5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3A)(PPS 5.0~5.9V/3A, PPS 3.3~20V/3A)
Type-A USB QC3.0 Output 18W Max (9V/2A, 6V/3A)
Total Output 78 Watts Peak Total Combined Power Output (75 Watts Nominal Total Combined Output)
Terminals 1/4" Nickel Plated Blades
Panel Mount Length 3.25 in (not including wiring or terminals)
Mounting Fits 1-1/8" hole size
Operating Temperature Range -13 to 140 °F (-25 to 60°C)
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Over Temperature Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Includes Protective dust cap cover and rear mounting/locking nut
Recommend Installation Use IFH-18-02 inline blade fuse holder with 7.5A fuse on 12/24V input
Warranty 6 Months

NOTE: Included dust cover does not work with PanelPlate1, PanelPlate2, PanelPlate3, PanelPlate4, PanelPlate4W, PanelPlate6, PanelPlateSB2, and PanelPlateSB3. The dust cover will need to be removed when using these mounting plates.