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Powerwerx - SB120 SB Series 120 AMP 4AWG Red Anderson Powerpole Kit

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Powerwerx - SB120 SB Series 120 AMP 4AWG Red Anderson Powerpole Kit

Kit includes the housing and contacts needed for a single connector.

What is a Powerpole "Kit"?
Anderson Power Products Powerpole connectors are available as convenient connector kits or separate individual parts.

A connector "Kit" includes all the parts needed for a single connector. A set includes (1) colored plastic housing and (2) metal contacts.

To purchase a mating connector pair, you must order a quantity of two connector kits.

SB Powerpole connectors are Color Keyed
A unique feature of the SB Series Powerpole housings are that they are keyed to only mate with the same color housing. For example, a gray color will only connect with the same gray color SB housing. The Red color will only connect to a red colored connector, etc.

This feature can be used to color code different voltages or systems and prevent accidental connection.

SB Color Keyed Right Wrong

Gauge Option
SB Series Powerpole connectors are available in a wide range of gauge contact options. It is important that the correct gauge option is chosen to match your cable selection. All gauges shown throughout the Powerwerx website are American Wire Gauge (AWG).

Powerpole connectors are both genderless and polarized connectors
Powerpole connectors are genderless, meaning the supply and load connectors are the same. Since there are no male or female parts, all Powerpole connectors mate with themselves.

Powerpole connectors are polarized, meaning the design is unique to prevent accidental reverse polarity connection. Only the positive (+) can be connected to positive (+) and negative (-) can be connected to negative (-). Connections can be quickly made and remade sightlessly or in the dark.

The Anderson Powerpole SB Series connector family
The Powerpole family spans a range of sizes covering up to 350 amps and accepting a different gauges of wire from 10 thru 4/0 AWG. Here is a size comparison diagram for the 50, 120, 175, 350 amp Powerpole Housings:

High current rating, low resistance
The size of the wire a Powerpole contact will accept is the primary limitation of their ability to carry a load. Powerpole connectors will safely handle higher loads or surges, please read the linked data sheets (PDF) for additional information.

The contacts are made of highly conductive silver-plated copper for minimal contact resistance at high currents. The average contact resistance is 500 micro-ohms.

Flat wiping contact system
This system allows for minimal contact resistance at high current. The self-wiping action cleans contact surfaces during connection/disconnection. The contacts are rated at 10,000 no-load connect/disconnect cycles. When two pairs are mated together, it takes approximately 15 pounds of tension to pull them apart.

SB Powerpole Profile Cutaway View

Stainless steel spring
Good connectors should not lose contact tension under use or vibration. Powerpole connectors use a stainless steel spring which applies 50 lbs. of pressure to hold the silver-plated copper contacts firmly together and maintain constant contact. This is ideal for frequent connect/disconnect cycles. Other cheaper connectors simply depend upon soft copper that eventually spreads apart and becomes loose.

Durable polycarbonate housing
The Powerpole insulated housings use a durable, high impact-resistant, high temperature polycarbonate plastic with a UL94 V-0 flammability rating. The connector design allows air to flow through the housing, assisting in cooling.

Additional accessories include handles, boots and dust covers
A variety of Powerpole accessories are available including weather resistant dust caps, corrosion proof safety boots, connector handle kits, strain relief cable clamps and more.

Powerpole® and SB® are registered trademarks of Anderson Power Products, Inc.