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Radio Chatter - Card Game

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It’s a conversation starter game and more!

Our original card deck with 52 question cards and 2 blank cards to create your own! All packaged in a sturdy, plastic case.

Conversation Starter

Isn’t it funny that you get together with friends or strangers to go off-roading, overlanding, or other adventures and you spend so much time in separate vehicles? Such valuable time that could be spent building and strengthening relationships is no longer lost with 52 cards meant for adventurers like you. Get to know each other better and maybe learn a thing or two by asking each other questions like “WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FAVORITE ADVENTURE?” or “WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS AND TRICKS FOR MEAL PLANNING AND PREP?”

Playing Cards

We’ve been there so we get it, space and weight are extremely important when planning a trip. That’s why Radio Chatter has more than one use: playing cards + conversation starter game.

Don’t worry that you can see the questions while playing cards, it’s not cheating…it’s research. Think of it as coming up with a great story to tell when you get asked the question next!